Legenda Branului by Ion Duicu

Legenda-Branului-smallProduced and edited by Isabella Duicu Palowitch, ARTISA LLC, as a tribute to her late father Ion Duicu and his 35 year long work and passion of writing, painting, and sculpting on the subject of The Legend of Bran, this 144 page book was launched in Romania in the summer of 2014 in three venues, significant to it’s content: in Brașov, at the Cărtureşti Bookstore – on June 19, 2014; Bran, at the Bran Ethnographic Museum – on June 21, 2014 and in the village Şirnea-Bran (where his work is on view at the Ethnographic Museum “Nicolae Frunteş”), at the Cultural House – on June 22, 2014. Editura Foton was instrumental in helping the publishing and printing of the book in Romania.

TRADITION and CULTURE: MYTHOLOGICAL CIVILIZATIONS    Romania, Transylvania, Ethnography, Mythology, Bran, Legends, Carpathian Mountains, Folklore
ISBN: 978-606-8582-06-1

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Ion Duicu wrote this 2578-verse epic poem after hearing the legend of Bran from his father and great-grandfather who were shepherds in the Bran area. He brought the story to life also with detailed illustrations, paintings, and sculptures, all to be found in this book, together with excerpts from his original journal entries.
During the times of the Getae (the original inhabitants of present-day Romania dating back to the 5th and 3rd centuries BC), in the Bucegi Mountains, there was a famous shepherd elder called Bran-da-Bur. He was the eldest brother of the Bran kin and the one who would task his nine younger brothers to go down from their home on Bucegi Mountain and settle the lands that would become known as Bran. Bran-da-Bur’s and his brothers’ actions thus closely resemble the founding stories of the peoples of old.

More about the book and it’s impact on today’s life of the local people, can be found at the Facebook page: Ledenda Branului by Ion Duicu. If necessary, please use the available translation tools.

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Lansare de Carte

Vă invităm să participaţi la următoarele lansări de carte care vor avea loc la:

Brașov, librăria Cărtureşti – Joi, 19 Iunie 2014, 18:30
Bran, Muzeul Satului Brănean – Sâmbătă, 21 Iunie, 11:00
Satul Şirnea-Bran, Căminul Cultural – Duminică, 22 Iunie, 13:00